Festive Event Planner

We have seen extraordinarily fun Holi parties in movies, heard of classy Diwali parties from friends, dreamt of throwing the craziest party on Christmas Eve! Festivals hold a special place in our hearts. We take a break from our lives on those few days and celebrate to our heart's content with our dear friends and loved [...]

Cultural Event Planner

Cultural events are festive in local communities. Cultural events reflect the inherent art of the community, in the form of music and dance. An event that celebrates a community’s culture brings its people closer. At Konsept Factory LLP, we make your mesmerising and wholesome cultural event a reality. We offer grand sets and stages that […]

Corporate Event Planner

The corporate event umbrella has several events tucked within. Conferences, trade shows, exhibitions, awards nights, launch events, annual general meetings, congresses the list is never-ending. Formal, informative, and crisp; successful corporate events require meticulous planning and an eye for detail.¬† Our planners at Konsept Factory LLP get into the minuscule details of the event to […]

Birthday Planner

Birthdays are celebratory milestones in the path of your life. Birthday celebrations need a personal touch, whether it is that of a 5-year-old toddler or a 70-year-old teenager! Who better than Konsept Factory LLP to plan a phenomenal birthday bash! Themed parties or extravagant galas, our experienced and well-trained team will curate the best elements […]

Wedding Planner

Many have a vision for their wedding right from their childhood; it is a day close to ones heart and can be nothing but perfection. Eye-catching decor, exquisite venues, scenic pictures, candid shots, lip-smacking food, careful attention to the hospitality of your guests, and most importantly, your mental peace, Konsept Factory LLP will work tirelessly […]

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