Corporate Event Planner

The corporate event umbrella has several events tucked within. Conferences, trade shows, exhibitions, awards nights, launch events, annual general meetings, congresses the list is
never-ending. Formal, informative, and crisp; successful corporate events require meticulous planning and an eye for detail. 

Our planners at Konsept Factory LLP get into the minuscule details of the event to make it a roaring success. We offer impactful stage designs, practical seating arrangements, event technology tools, and much more in a cost-effective budget. Our experienced and efficient team leaves no stone unturned and ensures that you reach your target audience and enhance your attendee engagement. 

Corporate events aim at varied targets, such as brand expansion, product launch, customer engagement, or recreational activities for employees. Whichever is your target, our team will work in unison with your vision and goals to achieve it. Brainstorming on each aspect of the process, we deliver a stupendous event, one that hits the bull’s eye in reference to your target. 


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