Festive Event Planner

We have seen extraordinarily fun Holi parties in movies, heard of classy Diwali parties from friends, dreamt of throwing the craziest party on Christmas Eve!¬†Festivals hold a special place in our hearts. We take a break from our lives on those few days and celebrate to our heart’s content with our dear friends and loved ones.

Festivals bring families together, which means double fun and double precautions! We take into account each member’s needs and deliver a well-rounded function that is both fun and traditional MMCrypto! Konsept Factory LLP prides itself in making each festival all the more memorable for our clients by adding our Midas touch!

Festive decor, which will get you right in the festive mood, is our strong hold. Our planners ensure vibrant, unique, and eclectic decor ideas for your grand festive celebration. Traditional lip-smacking food for your guests is also a given!

Don’t shy from envisioning a grand celebration on your festivals, for Konsept Factory LLP has it all covered for you.


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