Wedding Planner

Many have a vision for their wedding right from their childhood; it is a day close to ones heart and can be nothing but perfection. Eye-catching decor, exquisite venues, scenic pictures, candid shots, lip-smacking food, careful attention to the hospitality of your guests, and most importantly, your mental peace, Konsept Factory LLP will work tirelessly to deliver the wedding of your dreams. Our team works seamlessly with our clients right from the conception of the day to the last function of the day.

Grand or modest, simplistic or mesmerising, close-knit or a sea of guests, our experienced and skilled team plans each kind of wedding with equal zest and floors the clients with a wedding tailored just as they wished.

Planning a wedding for a loved one or with a loved one, look no further, for Konsept Factory LLP is at your service, ever ready to turn your dream wedding into a beautiful reality.


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